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NHSJ is a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency. HUD’s Housing Counseling Program teaches consumers basic principles of money management; helps them to increase their income and savings; improve their housing conditions, and give them greater stability and confidence.

In addition, housing counseling includes addressing the crises of homelessness or foreclosure; planning for the first time home purchase and setting up a matched savings account. Housing Counselors provide an important safeguard against scams, fraud and support Fair Housing efforts. It Works! Pre-purchase counseling reduces the rate of delinquency. Approximately one-third are less likely to become 90+ days delinquent.

Homeowners who get counseling are 2.83 times more likely to get a loan modification and are 70% less likely to default again. Homeowners who receive counseling early are 70% more likely to bring their loans back up to date.

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Home Ownership

Rehabilitation & Lending Programs

Comprehensive Foreclosure Prevention Program

Disaster and Storm Recovery Case Management

Education and Workshops

Financial Coaching

Property Preservation

Home Ownership

Pre-purchase counseling

NHSJ provides pre-purchase counseling to prospective first-time homebuyers through the entire home buying process. Counselors assist individuals in removing the barriers to homeownership by helping them review their credit, budget and mortgage affordability and get them mortgage ready. This is done with one-on-one counseling and education programs.

Down payment assistance is available to home buyers who qualify for products offered by banks, federal and state agencies.

Home First Grant Program

A down payment and closing cost assistance program which provides a grant of up to 6% of the purchase price. (Maximum grant is $15,000.)

The First Home Club

In this club, the participating banks for the First Home Club will match each $1 saved by its participant with $4. The maximum grant is $7,500.00.

Rehabilitation & Lending Programs

Post-Purchase Counseling

NHSJ can facilitate refinancing your mortgage for consumers who qualify to make paying a mortgage more affordable or reduce interest rates. If you are a homeowner in distress due to needed home repairs and/or emergency repairs, a Counselor can assist you with a low cost loan and/or grant funds (when available) to get your repairs done. NHSJ will walk you through the process of getting repairs done by ensuring you get an accurate home assessment and scope of work from your contractor, to getting your repairs completed

Rehabilitation Loans

1-4 Lending Program – Revolving Loan - This program offers a below market interest rate loan to homeowners who are unable to get loans from conventional lending institutions. Our terms and rates are adjusted to the homeowner’s budget and ability to repay.

Emergency Loan Program

The NHSJ Emergency Loan Program is for emergency repairs. The loans are usually processed within a 72 hour period, and repairs are completed within 5 to 10 business days. The terms and rates for these loans are adjusted to fit the homeowner’s budget.

Rehabilitation Grants

Affordable Housing Corporation Repair Grant (AHC) - The AHC Repair Program provides financial assistance in the form of a grant to existing low and moderate income homeowners for home improvement projects. The Program offers a grant up to 60% of the total rehab cost, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Foreclosure Prevention Program

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

At NHSJ, through one-on-one consultations, a thorough review of your financials, and an outline of your options we will provide you with the help you need to make an informed decision about how to best reach your financial goals.

Legal Document Review

NHSJ partners with legal professionals and has an Attorney on staff to review legal and court documents (i.e., loan modifications, letters, and settlement documentations, etc.)

Loan Modification Assistance

NHSJ counselors will ensure that your application for a loan modification is complete and received by your Servicer. Should your loan modification get approved, counselors will review your loan documents and explain what it entails so that you can make an informed decision before you commit to your new modified terms.

Disaster and Storm Recovery Case Management

NHSJ Case Managers are available to assess the needs of families impacted by any disaster and assist the clients with developing a goal-oriented recovery plan as well as addressing any unmet needs.

Education and Workshops

Homebuyer Education

ABC’s of Buying a Home

a 2 hour discussion of the home buying process. It includes working with your Housing Counselor getting a realistic view of your budget and credit; how to determine how much house you can afford (your salary and down payment); types of property (and their features); shopping for a home (working with a Realtor, getting a home inspection) overview of grants eligibility; and fair housing laws; applying for a mortgage; making an offer, (the purchase contract); home owners insurance; the closing process.

First Time Homebuyers

an 8 hour workshop required by HUD and grant recipients.

Fair Housing

You will receive an understanding of the Fair Housing Act and federal, state and local laws. Fair housing laws provide protections against discrimination in the sale, rental, occupancy, advertising and financing of housing. Understand laws regarding rent control and rent stabilization. Get an overview of Housing Court; getting repairs; how to get legal representation; tenant organizations and associations. If your rights are violated, what you should do.


Learn how to protect yourself from various fraud relating to: mail scams; identity theft; foreign lotteries and sweepstakes; how to prepare for future health problems and financial disasters

Financial Coaching

Through financial coaching, NHSJ facilitates the financial empowerment of our customers, provide financial stability, and make tools available to our clients that will enable them to plan for immediate and future circumstances. Overall, this program aims to provide a nurturing one-on-one environment that is resource-rich which support those seeking sound financial guidance.

Budget and Credit Rebuilding (two courses)

Budget session is designed is to instruct residents on how to create and work with a budget. Set financial goals and achieve them.

Financial Fitness

Estate Planning - Workshop designed to help residents understand the importance of estate planning and the necessary steps they will need to make to secure the financial future for themselves and their heirs.

Property Preservation

Insurance - Educating clients on the importance of insurance for their financial futures. The type and purposes of life, home, rental and mortgage insurances.

Property Taxes - Learn How To access and reduce your property taxes through tax exemptions. Learn the different tax exemptions and eligibility requirements

Energy Efficiency Improvements - Energy saving options for a new home and an existing home to save on bills. Green options that can be built and programs offered to save energy.

How to avoid Foreclosure scams - A workshop of how to identify a modification scam company and how to avoid them.

Landlord Training - Learn about the rewards, risk and responsibilities for owner/occupants of two-to four- family homes.

Resident Leadership & Community Organizing