Handyman Certification Program - In collaboration with York College Continuing Adult Education Program, the program a comprehensive 12 week curriculum taught by a licensed contractor through a combination of hands-on training and related classroom instruction. Students will build confidence with the material and tools commonly used through a mix of theory and practical experience

Class Curriculum

Basic Electrical - This course introduces the fundamental concept of "AC" Current. Emphasis is placed on "AC" circuits, components and operation, testing equipment and other related topics. Student will learn about different types of electrical wires, light switches, outlets, the different types of plugs and electrical sockets. Upon completion, students should be able to conduct, verify, troubleshoot and repair minor problems. Job safety also included.

Basic Plumbing - This course introduces you to the plumbing trade, providing you with the opportunity to learn basic skills. This course includes working in a classroom and workshop type environment. You will learn how to install shower body, toilet bowel and tank. Student will work with PVC/DWV, copper, galvanized and cast iron pipes. Student will be able to identify PVC/DWV, copper and threaded fittings. Job safety also included.

Plastering/Drywall - Plastering is a highly useful skill and for those who are fully qualified a highly lucrative trade. in addition to the fundamentals of mixing and applying plaster. This course covers the correct method of measuring, cutting and fixing plasterboard (known as sheet rock) the preparation of surface in readiness to receive tap and plaster. You will also learn the various types of sheet and there purpose. Job safety also included.

Wall and Floor Tiling - Our course in designed with a practical quick learner in mind. This course involves assessing wall space, measuring and leveling, manor problem solving with full hands-on experience. You will be put to the test working around vanity, cabinets, baths and toilets and on occasions you will be challenged with uneven wall surfaces. During the training you will be assessed. Assistance will be given in areas which you may find difficult. Training includes installing wall and floor tiles. Job safety also included.

Advanced Classes in Electrical, Plumbing, Plaster/Drywall and Wall and Floor Tiling are offered periodically. One additional class is offered where students can utilize the skills they have already learned.

Kitchen & Bathroom Installation - Takes your skills to the next level learning the fundamentals of bathroom and kitchen installation. Kitchen Installation includes installing kitchen counter tops & sinks, along with the plumbing work and installing wall & base cabinets. Students will be using the most common fixtures and tools of the trade helping to build confidence.

Bathroom Installation - This course covers the basics in installing toilets; bathroom sinks; vanities; medicine cabinets; bathtub installation along with shower body & some plumbing work.



These activities address program needs for the rehabilitation, preservation and financing of affordable housing and assistance.


In partnership with Silverstone Property Group, the 165th Archer Avenue project is developing a 100% tax credit, new construction hi-rise apartment building. This workforce housing project will develop 89 affordable rental-units with ground floor retail space and amenities.


We acquire and develop residential properties in partnership with New York State Affordable Housing Corporation who provide rehabilitation subsidies to make the project affordable to low income residents.


NHSJ in partnership with NYC Human Resources Administration is the community sponsor for the South Jamaica Multi-Service Center. The center is a holistic approach for elements of services essential for healthy living

This communal center offers: