Post Purchase Education and Assistance
Home Maintenance Training:
More than 6,000 homeowners have received post-purchase education through our Home Maintenance Training Classes. This program is designed to offer hands-on-training in most phases of home repair and maintenance for everyday homeowners.

Revolving Loan Fund:
This program offers below-market-rate home improvement loans to owners of 1 - 4 unit homes. We have partnered with local government and private lenders to build a pool of funds to address the needs of homeowners throughout District 12.

Emergency Loan Program:
This Program is for emergency repairs such as boilers, roofs, plumbing, electrical, etc. The loans are usually processed within a 72- hour period, and repairs are completed within 5 to 10 business days. The terms and rates for these loans are adjusted to fit the homeowner's budget. The maximum amount for an emergency loan is $6,500.

Owner-Occupied Rehab Grant Program:
This Program is the newest program on our list of services, it offers grants up to $15,333, to homeowners who are unable to pay for home repairs. These repairs include health and safety related repairs, carpentry, railing and plumbing.

Foreclosure Timeline

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica work with a wide range of Lenders to provide you with the most affordable loans based on your individual situation. Also to help with special-needs financing loans.

The friendly staff at Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica is committed to helping people "Borrow Smart." That means we will take the time to learn about your financial situation, your dreams and goals, and offer you expert advice. Whether you're looking to Purchase, Refinance, Consolidate Debt or Reverse Mortgage, we have the experience to save you money.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica also help in Predatory lending. Predatory Lending is any practice in which lenders try to fool or intimidate consumers into agreeing to loans that are ultimately unaffordable and do not meet industry standards. Predatory lending is illegal. A predatory loan has one or more of the following features:

  • Offers loans with higher interest rates and adds unnecessary fees to the     cost of the mortgage.

  • Contains abusive terms and conditions that trap borrowers and lead to     increase indebtedness

  • Does not take into account the borrower's ability to repay the loan

  • Misrepresenting loan terms

  • Equity Stripping
    The lender makes a loan based upon the equity in the consumers home, whether or not the consumer can make the payments.

    Mortgage Flipping
    Is the repeated refinancing of loans with no tangible benefit to the homeowner. Each time, the homeowner incurs new cost and fees, resulting in higher payments.

    Home Improvement Scams
    Are often accompanied by high pressure tactics to sell unneeded home improvements. It is generally overpriced and the work is rarely performed adequately.

    Balloon Mortgage
    has payments based on a 30 year amortization schedule with the unpaid principal balance due in a lump sum at the end of the payment schedule.

    Foreclosure Rescue Scams
    Foreclosure "bail-out" specialists target homeowner stay in his or her home if he or she transfers their property deed to a third party.