1-4 Units Home Improvement Loans
This product offers below-market-rate financing on loans for low to middle-income homeowners who have experience difficulties in obtaining convention financing. Loan amounts go up to $100,000 at 3-6% interest rates at terms designed to meet he borrowers' budgets. Owners receiving assistance under this program will also receive written cost estimates, budget and construction counseling as well.

1-4 Unit Gut Rehabilitation Loans
1-4 Unit Gut Rehabilitation program helps homeowners to completely renovated their homes. Loans amounts up to $300,000. Interest rates are flexible. Loans may be used toward major repairs such as electrical, plumbing, exterior structural repairs, re-roofing, new interior finishes and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

Landlord One
Landlord one provides $5,000 to $20,000 emergency loans at a 1% interest rate for multifamily buildings with 5 to 20 units and for small mixed-use buildings. The New York State Housing Finance Agency subsidizes these loans, which are intended to pay for essential repairs such as boiler or roof replacement, building entrance doors, intercom systems, windows, fixing code violations or life and safety issues.

Debt Consolidation Rehab Loan
This loan, for owner-occupied, residential one-four unit buildings in New York City, enables you to consolidate your debts, and have funds available to take on a rehab project. The maximum amount is $80,000, of which no more than 49.99% can be spent on consumer-related debt. Real estate-related debt can go up to 80% of the total loan amount.