NHSJ was incorporated in 1974 in the Baisley Park Section of Queens by a committee of community residents who were concerned about redlining by private insurance companies, and the lack of reinvestment by conventional lending institutions. Neighborhood Housing services of Jamaica is the first Program to be incorporated in New York State, and the ninth Program in the country.

The NHSJ Community
Since 1974, NHSJ has provided homeownership education and affordable housing services for residents throughout southeast Jamaica Queens. However, many of our special products are targeted to those who reside within the boundaries of Queens Community Board 12, the second largest in Queens. Being the Largest borough in New York City, encompassing over 112 square miles of land, our population of over 2 million residents. A multi-cultural community consisting of Africans-Americans, Latinos, South Americans, Caribbean's, Europeans, Africans, Caucasians and Asians add to the cultural diversity of the thriving borough.

Queens, New York is one of the most severely impacted borough in the New York City by the current subprime lending foreclosure crises. The number indicate that queens has borne a disproportionate share of foreclosure when compared to the City's other boroughs. The reason for this are manifold; limited access to mainstream credit markets, excessive and higher fees for credit when it is made available, higher interest rates, predatory lending practices, and an over reliance on the subprime mortgage market. Within Queens the community of Southeast Jamaica has indeed suffered the greater impact.

During these hard times, Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica has been at the for front battling, to help over a hundred homeowners in their struggle in keeping their doors open. Our dedicated counselors, has put their hearts in fighting a battle that seems to never end. But are committed to fight till the end of this economic crises.