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HomeBuyers' Clubs is for those who have successfully completed a HomeBuyer Seminar and discover they are still not ready to buy a home, the next stop on the road to homeownership is to enroll in a NHS HomeBuyers' Club. Consisting of groups of five to 15 families that meet for five, three-hour sessions, Clubs cover the following topics:

Shopping for a Home
Members are taught the importance of home shopping. The role of the Real Estate broker in the home shopping process is explained and tips are provided to members in understanding how to negotiate for the home.

Getting a Mortgage Loan
Under this topic, members are taken through the mortgage process with an understanding of how lenders make decisions on a mortgage application. They learn how to calculate the maximum mortgage they can afford and how to compare mortgage products.

Budget and Credit
Members learn the importance of budgeting. They are taken through the process of understanding where their money comes from and where it goes. The maintaining of good credit is emphasized and members go through current trends in credit.

Keeping Your Home
Keeping your home in good condition is a very important responsibility of being a homeowner. Under this topic, members are taught basic home maintenance schedules for the seasons. They are invited to participate in the Home Maintenance Training Program where they have hands-on training in maintaining their home.

Managing Your Finances
The last topic of the course stresses the importance of managing your finances as homeowner. Members are introduced to all the expenses they will face as homeowners, the frequency of such expenses and the importance of setting up a maintenance fund for unexpected repairs